How to Improve Your Body Image

Playing on the Internet can help you become more comfortable in your own skin long after you log off. That same wit and sensuality you radiate online still lives within you the rest of the time; the more you practice letting it out, the more natural it becomes.


Body confidence is sexy and infuses every dimension of our lives, not just sex.

  • Unless all porn truly offends you, surf amateur  porn to see the wide range of bodies engages in sex. Sex often looks ridiculous, but bodies in lusty pursuits are also rather beautiful, especially when you can see the erotic emotional connection among the participants.
  • Set up your webcam and practice posing until you find a few positions and angles that please you. This is like those body-image exercises performed in front of a mirror, except the tiny frame and the semi-grainy quality of the picture create and entirely different experience, as does the knowledge that once you do start seeing you body in terms of the beauty of its lights and shadows, you can share it with other people with a few clicks. (see “How to Look Great on Web-cam,” page 111)

  • Find the rest of this lesson and thousands more sexier sex tips in:

Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn


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