How to Justify the Expense of Luxury Sex Toys and Why

In the past couple of years, high-end sex toys have taken the adult novelty market by storm. With expensive materials, quality manufacturing, and beautiful aesthetics in both design and packaging, these swanky products put the $20 plastic battery vibes to shame.

You wouldn’t skimp on a washing machine or a blender, now would you? Or how about that flat panel TV?

If you’re still not sure, consider this:

  • Orgasms relieve stress, increase circulation, improve your skin, and make you feel closer to your lover.
  • High end sex toys last longer and feel better then their cheaper cousins.
  • A toy that is beautiful inspires you to use it, and doesn’t break the mood when you bring it into partner play.
  • Giving your body pleasure teaches you how to give and accept even more pleasure with a lover.
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    Sexier Sex

    by Regina Lynn


    2 responses to “How to Justify the Expense of Luxury Sex Toys and Why

    1. My favourite hi-end sex toys are Liberator Shapes ( — careful! They’re addictive!

      (Unrelated, but I’d also note that they hold up amazingly well to cats. We got a cat a couple years back and she loves to lounge on our shapes when they’re not in use — she just looks annoyed and disgusted when they are. Kitty cat hair wipes right off the launderable covers with a cloth for those times of year when she’s shedding the equivalent of her body weight daily, and despite all the times we’ve caught her sharpening her claws on them, she’s never once ripped or even pulled a thread on one. These aren’t just fun — they’re quality workmanship and materials.)

    2. I agree that beauty is a good reason to spend more on sex toys. But are there other reasons? Can you justify a Sybian?

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