How to Seduce Someone in 160 Characters or Less

Text messages are the best thing for couples since the invention of the cell phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re freshly dating or if you’ve been together for years—a text is the perfect compromise between flirting and productivity.

Ten Tips for Titillating Text:

  • Mix it up. Be romantic, funny, erotic, matter-of-fact and pornographic by turns.
  • Use abbreviations sparingly, but use them when you need them.• In the beginning of a new hetero relationship, the woman is usually the one to set the tone (for example: family, flirty, or filthy.)• Sometimes it’s hotter to use the longer word rather than the shorter one.
  • Triple-check the recipient’s address before you press Send.
  • It’s better to craft original text than paste canned phrases from a list. But it’s okay to quote song lyrics, books, movies, and anything else that holds meaning for the two of you.
  • Women are often more sexually explicit in text messages than they are out loud. At first.
  • You can send text messages to your lover’s phone from your computer at sites like and
  • You know the relationship is going well if the two of you start developing an SMS shorthand all your own.
  • If texting becomes part of the foundation of your relationship, invest in a phone with a qwerty keyboard.

  • Find the rest of this lesson and thousands more sexier sex tips in:

Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn


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