How to Build A Sex Tech Collection Your Friends Will Envy

When shopping for toys, it’s always good to talk with a staffer at a sex-positive boutique that has an extensive education program, as they can help guide you to products that fit your preferences.
If you’re already pretty sure that you’ve got everything you need and are now cruising for something you want, here are some of the items that have captured my interest in the past few years.

  • Best Oral Sex Simulator


Je Joue

  • Best Totally Silent Cybersex Chair


Monkey Rocker

  • Best Introductory Couples Toy


Vibrating Cock Ring

  • Best Accessory That Doubles As a Reading Pillow


Liberator Wedge

  • Best Dildos for the Living Room Display Shelf


Atraw Ceramics

  • Best Everyday Workhorse



  • Best Shower-Friendly Toy


Elemental Pleasures

  • Best Economy Model Vibe That Still Looks Lovely


Natural Contours

  • Best Toy That Doubles As a Hat Rack


The Fantasy Glide

  • Best Blowjob Accessory


Nexus Glide

  • Best Quickie


Hitachi Magic Wand w/G Spot attachment

  • Best Way to Surprise the Person Emptying the Dishwasher


NJoy Stainless Steel Butt Plug

  • Best Toy That Hides in Plain Sight


I Rub My Duckie

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Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

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