How to Reveal Yourself (and How to Know When It’s Time)

Many people reach a point in an online relationship when they realize they want to reveal themselves utterly to another person.

It’s hard to say when the “right time” is. As with most relationships, you’ll need to make your decisions based on what works for the two of you and what you feel is right.

Here are some general tips for when to exchange full names:

  • You start talking about meeting in person and are already researching airfares and hotels.
  • You are talking frankly about your job, your life, your kids, your friends, and your hobbies, and only then realize that you’ve been perfectly comfortable doing so all along.
  • You realize you feel closer to this person than almost anyone else in your life, and you would like to hear them whisper your name rather than your handle.

Once you exchange names, search for each other like crazy, digging up old high school photos or blog posts or book reviews you posted to Amazon ten years ago. This is where you reveal yourself as a person with a past—and perhaps as a person with some ’splainin’ to do. (It’s a good idea to Google yourself beforehand so you know what your lover is going to see.)

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by Regina Lynn

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