How to Meet Your Online Lover in Person


The basics safety guidelines of meeting an online lover in person for the first time are the same as those I’m sure you’d follow on any first date: Tell someone where you’ll be and when, arrange to check in by phone at a certain time, get your date’s full name and contact information, and avail yourself of some Google searches before agreeing to meet (and make sure to meet in a public place).
But there’s more. Meeting an online lover in person carries with it a heady mix of anticipation, desire, and expectation—balanced against your intellectual understanding that things might not work out as you hope.

Meeting Kit

  • Safer sex supplies: Condoms, dental dams, lube, arnica ( in case you get delightful bruises you don’t want to bring home)
  • Toys or other props that have special meaning for the two of you
  • The address and phone numbers of alternate lodgings in case you need to go to get to a safe place quick
  • Pajamas, toothbrush, clean underwear
  • Enough cash for cab fare if you need to leave in a hurry
  • A credit or debit card with enough room on it to get yourself out of there in the event of an emergency or a threat to your personal safety
  • Phone numbers of local friends, or friends of friends
  • Objects you’ve wanted to show each other: photo albums, figurines, clothing, fetish wear
  • Presents!
  • Find the rest of this lesson and thousands more sexier sex tips in:

Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

2 responses to “How to Meet Your Online Lover in Person

  1. Have a friend who knows where you are — and arrange a time you will call them (this can be a time range, so they know to be at their phone). but also, for the truly paranoid (and you really should be), make sure you have an agreed-upon safeword that, if not brought up in the conversation, means that you’re not actually okay.

  2. I seocnd what Kyle said. This post should have said A LOT more about safety.

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