How to Be Bisexual on the Internet

If you’re already bisexual, you can skip this lesson. These tips are for those who are questions, experimenting, or exploring.


Many people who aren’t otherwise bisexual happily flirt and cyber with any gender online. After all, unless you plan to meet your partners in person for sex and you know you’re not interested in physical same- or hetero-sex (and are you sure about that?), why should it matter? The Internet offers a perfect, private place to experiment without much risk.

  • It’s okay to explain that you are only bi online.
  • The “woman” you are cybering with might be a man on the other side of the keyboard. So what? If you’re having fun, have fun. You’ll meet a nice girl some other time.
  • Play with language and let your imagination roam. If you’re never made love with a woman before, you have a whole different topography to deal with now.

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by Regina Lynn

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One response to “How to Be Bisexual on the Internet

  1. I’ve never thought of this…I have no inclination to try and be bi…lol. But I do get to cyber a good deal and find it a great way to explore my sexuality.

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