How to Laugh Your Way Through Technical Difficulties and into Great Webcam Sex

“Is yours on?”
“There it is.”
“Oh! It’s working!”
“Shoot! Frozen again.”
“Let’s try a different cam program.”
“Can you see me now?”
“Crap. Wait. Is that… did I get it?”
“Ah ha! There you are!”

That might not sound like foreplay to your but even in these modern times, it’s an all too common way to begin a webcam session. By the time you fix the connection, the camera, the lighting, the angle, and the audio, any romantic mood is long past. And when it’s finally all working, you sit there, gazing dazedly at one another, wondering what to say and how to recapture the moment.

The best this you can do it laugh. Release those tech-induced tensions and take delight in your ability to work through a frustrating experience together.

Here’s the webcam setup that I have had the best luck with:

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Ethernet cable (rather than wireless)
  • Skype video chat software (if the connection is unstable, stop the call and restart until you get a solid picture)
  • A better-than-bargain webcam ($50 and up)
  • A good headset with microphone (which will be better than the webcam’s built-in mic)

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by Regina Lynn

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8 responses to “How to Laugh Your Way Through Technical Difficulties and into Great Webcam Sex

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  5. Coming from 20 years of the legit Hollywood industry that is now in a nosedive it may not pull out of, I decided to branch out into adult webchatting. ifeelmyself along with femjoy inspired me …. call me the avenger, fighting the crime of bad lighting and awful florescent colored un-ironed backdrops, but even with expensive cameras, without the lighting, backdrop and good mic’ing, all the smooth tech in the world won’t help (but at least start there). 🙂

    • yes! what is that saying, that 80% of video is audio, or something like that? although again if you are just regular people enjoying a sexual encounter over webcams, you tend to be more forgiving about technical difficulties than you would be of a professional/for-pay service.

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