How to Delete Your Ex

When modern relationships end they leave behind more artifacts then a Pharaoh’s tomb. Email, instant messages, text messages, voice mails, digital pictures and video – and that’s just the personal stuff. What about blog post? Social networks? That tandem skydiving video you posted on YouTube?

You can’t do much about artifacts that have already gone public, but you can reduce your chance of stumbling upon a memento unprepared:

  • Block every handle your ex gave you and remove them from your buddy list.
  • Set your IM client to accept messages from only people already on your buddy list.
  • Remove your ex from your contact list so you don’t make yourself crazy monitoring his or her online habits.
  • Destroy all emails from and to. Don’t forget to search for your exes address in the “cc” and “bcc” fields as well as the “to” field.
  • Check My Pictures, My Documents and your attachments folder for images to send to the trash.
  • Delete your ex’s email from your address book, including from list of multiple recipients. Don’t forget to check your mobile devices too.

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5 responses to “How to Delete Your Ex

  1. I’m new to being heart-broken, so forgive my ignorance, but would this really help me stop feeling this way about her?

    • Not right away. But after the wrench of doing the actual deleting, it does prevent you from running across reminders or from digging through the artifacts looking for pain (even if that’s not what you think you are doing). You can always move everything onto a thumb drive and lock it up somewhere – maybe at a friend’s house – so that you don’t lose the pictures/transcripts/etc. forever. But getting them out of the way so you don’t stumble across a new flash of ache every time you open your IM or email or social networking or pictures folder. And I am sorry about your heartbreak — nothing in the world hurts quite like that. 😦

      • But I’d say that 99% of the time that I scream in frustration in my car, fantasize about a gruesome death (I’m not suicidal, but– I now and then imagine things like driving a barbecue fork through my sternum. It’s annoying enough that if I still had medical coverage through UCSD, I’d be talking to a counselor), or start sobbing, the only memories of her I’m interacting with are the ones in my head.

        Sure, I don’t react well to seeing her picture, but it isn’t the things on my computer that cause me the most pain.

  2. The only thing that keeps my mind of him is visualizing a mass and devestating earthquake in my head so I understand the barbecue fork through the sternum, lol! I have great insurance and have been seeing a therapist and honestly it hasn’t helped that much. I did deleted him and cut him out of all the pictures on my social networks and that made me feel a little better. I’ve never had a broken heart before and honestly it’s the worst emotional pain I’ve ever felt and I’ve been through some tough stuff in my life. I go back and forth between loving him and hoping he burns in Hell for eternity…can’t wait until this is all a bad memory that I only think about from time to time instead of EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF MY WAKING LIFE!!!!

  3. Believe me, I know. Especially the “I’m not suicidal but I can’t stop thinking of death” thing. Sending healing thoughts to all of us. *hug*

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