How Not to Fall in Love Online

If you’ve ever been in love, you know that there are as many ways to fall in love as there are people. You might also know that love can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and often when you’re actively Not Looking for it.

And still other times, we completely screw ourselfes up. For every true love that blooms online, you’ll find the dead petals of a dozen broken hearts. I believe that we need to go through those experiences to mature and appreciate a real love — yet at the same time, if I can save you some steps, I’ll gladly do so.

Here are some ways not to fall in love online.

  • Don’t have rigid expectations bordering on a checklist for everything you require in a partner.
  • Don’t get involved with multiple partners but demand that each one be exclusive to you.
  • Don’t demand that an online partner to be monogamous with you, e ven though you’re in an offline relationship.
  • Don’t rush the relationship. This is easy to do, given that online relationships tend to start from the inside and progress outward. You tell each other the most intimate secrets you hold long before you get to the part about your favorite color. The level of connection makes it feel more natural to leap to Decisions About The Future way too soon.
  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can separate online life from offline life. What happens online doesn’t stay online — even if you never meet with the person offline, your emotions are not confined to the Internet.

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