“Regina Lynn Offers Lessons from the Brave New Sexual Frontier:

One might think that the most important element of any sex book is the information it contains. Not so. With thousands of sex books in print, and dozens (could it be hundreds…it feels like hundreds) more coming out each year it’s not the actual tips or techniques a book offers that will truly distinguish it; it’s the approach and tone of the author.

Regina Lynn, the long time sex columnist for, author of The Sexual Revolution 2.0, and the newly hired sex newscaster for Playboy Radio, has a new book out which proves my point perfectly. Sexier Sex: Lessons from the Brave New Sexual Frontier is a sweet, reassuring, and incredibly practical compendium of ways to spice up your sex life.

But as great as her advice is, it’s Lynn’s philosophical orientation to sex, and the tone of the book which kept me glued to my seat (that was until I had to get up to try one of her suggestions). Sexier Sex is free of any hipster or sex-know-it-all attitude, it focuses on sex as a form of play, and it’s incredibly considerate of the fact that we don’t all have sex the same way.”

– Cory Silverberg,

“I ordered Sexier Sex after finishing Gina’s first book, The Sexual Revolution 2.0: Getting Connected, Upgrading Your Sex Life, and Finding True Love — or at Least a Dinner Date — in the Internet Age. The new book is an interesting look at sexuality and the ways that modern (and not so modern) technology can enhance human interaction. The book is geared toward women, but as a man I found a lot of the sections helpful. Not only does the information help ME as well, but it gives me an amazing insight into how the modern, tech-savvy woman uses all her options when handling sex in the new millennium.

Many of the topics in the book are geared toward more inexperienced users of technology. Gina takes the time to really explain the beauty and the hazards that exist in technology. Her writing style is filled with little comments and asides that bring the articles to life the way no ordinary ‘how to’ book could. She uses personal experience from her real life (as well as the lives of her readers) to illustrate her points.

Fans of her column in Wired or of her blog will find the format of the book familiar. Each topic is covered in about 2-3 pages, with sidebars giving additional information or addresses to help research her topics more fully. I think the thing I love most about the book is that I have talked to Gina for a while now as a fan of her column, and you KNOW that she speaks from experience. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and if she recommends a product or service, you know she has real-world experience with it.

Her writing style is also engaging and leaves no doubt that this person would be someone YOU could have a conversation with over a cup of coffee and feel completely comfortable. Reading her articles is like talking to an old friend. She doesn’t talk down to her readers if they are not as tech-savvy as she is. She takes time to really explain her topics well.”

– Preston Halcomb

“How to Seduce Someone in 160 Characters or Less. I do love me some dirty texts. Lynn gives some great texting suggestions including, “Use abbreviations sparingly, but use them when you need them.” And “Triple-check the recipient’s address before you press Send.” That second one is very important and sort of sad for me too, as I have been on the receiving end of a mis-sent text and it was one of the funniest moments of my life. But I can see how it could also be very, very bad. My favorite chapter in the book is “How to Use Technology to Give You More Time for Sex.” Lynn writes, “Use a shared online calendar to plan surprises for each other. Create appointments like ‘Tuesday, 8:00 pm, oral sex in the shower’ and follow up on the promises.” She also suggests getting a “robot vacuum and a robot mop to handle the daily mess.” As I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of technology and it seems to me that a vacuum that’s smart enough to navigate my house, is probably smart enough to film my exploits and put them up on YouTube. Or maybe the Internet is making me paranoid. And slightly hotter thanks to Lynn’s book.”

The words “awesome”, “helpful”, and “insightful” are an inadequate review of this book. This is an honest and delightful look at the sexual experiences pertaining to technology and one’s self image. Although the book was written for women, much of the topics and the material can be applied to men as most topics deal with how to approach technology and sex rather than what to wear (although there is a chapter concerning lingerie). The author, Regina Lynn is very knowledgeable source of technology, sex, and how the two cross paths in today’s digital age and her style of writing allows the subject to be less embarrassing and interesting to read through.”

– Leo A. Newball Jr.

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  1. LOVE the book …. thanks fro the autographed copy!

    Miss ya!


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