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Consumer teledildonics update: HighJoy alive, Sinulator dead; plus, Virtual Sex Machine and RealTouch

I have not been able to get a response from Sinulator folks by email or by phone, and have received a few emails in the past few months from other people who have experienced the same thing. Sinulator was a growing thing when I wrote The Sexual Revolution 2.0 but you know how it is with those tech start-ups, particularly SEX tech start-ups.

HighJoy is still around, however. I corresponded with them this week (had to resolve a billing issue, which they took care of promptly and courteously).


There’s also the Virtual Sex Machine if you don’t want the bother of finding an online partner first.


RealTouch appears to be going strong, but then, Sinulator hasn’t taken its website down either, so I’ll drop them an email and see what’s up. Like the Virtual Sex Machine, this one interacts with videos, not with humans on the other end of the internet.

Anyone else who has some teledildonics stuff going, please give us an update and a link in the comments. My focus has been on consumer-friendly stuff that doesn’t require a whole lot of tech-savvy to figure out, but I know there’s a lot more geekdildonics out there than n00bdildonics….

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by Regina Lynn

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How to Reassure Your Man That Sex Toys Won’t Replace Him

More often than you’d think, men worry about being replaced by sex-oriented technology. They fear that their penises—which cannot vibrate or rotate and do not come with multiple attachments or clitoral stimulators in cute animal shapes—will no longer be enough after a woman gets her first ride on a jumbo-size rabbit pearl.

You will no more replace your man with toys than he will replace you with porn. Besides, those who prefer inanimate objects to human lovers aren’t good candidates for sexual relationships anyway.

Yet it’s important to treat his anxieties with respect. Think of how you would feel if he laughed or ignored your groundless worries.

  • Take him to a sex-positive store or website and look at toys together, reading the articles that tell you different ways to use them and focusing on devices intended for couples.
  • Use the toys with him so he can see how nonthreatening they are, and that they are just part of everyday sexuality. If he’s shy, tell him you will be in heaven if you can lie back and let him play you like a violin—and that you will return the favor next time.
  • Remind him that the more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you want. Using toys with yourself keeps you feeling sexual overall. As one of my friends puts it, “Having fries with my burger doesn’t make me not want a burger. It just makes me crave the meal again. And again. Are you busy right now?”

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How To Have Cybersex

The old joke about typing one-handed doesn’t cover the half of it. Entire books have been written on this subject, and although many of the other lessons in this book touch on important aspects of cybersex, in this lesson, the focus is on the mechanics of it all.

  • Play with language. I don’t care if you’re on webcam and have 3D avatars to boot—language is the foundation of cybersex, and language is the bridge between your minds, hearts, and bodies. Use words that shock and awaken; use imagery drawn from the erotic, the pornographic, and the innocuous. Weaving literary metaphor with raunchy sex talk keeps you both engaged.
  • Don’t disappear halfway through. You wouldn’t in real life, and you shouldn’t in cybersex. If you think you will be interrupted, stick with flirting and save the cybersex for another day.
  • Select a handle you can stand to read and hear on a regular basis in a sexual context. “HotMama” will serve you better than “JakesMom,” for example.
  • Don’t be self-conscious or worried about your spelling or writing. As long as you say what you’re imagining, you’ll do fine.
  • Learn the power of “Mmmm”—a cybersex essential. Use it when you can’t think of anything to say but it’s your turn to type, when your lover says something so arousing you need to stop typing for a moment but need to show you’re still there, and when the other is in the middle of writing an elaborate setup and needs a response but not help from you.

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Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

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How to Laugh Your Way Through Technical Difficulties and into Great Webcam Sex

“Is yours on?”
“There it is.”
“Oh! It’s working!”
“Shoot! Frozen again.”
“Let’s try a different cam program.”
“Can you see me now?”
“Crap. Wait. Is that… did I get it?”
“Ah ha! There you are!”

That might not sound like foreplay to your but even in these modern times, it’s an all too common way to begin a webcam session. By the time you fix the connection, the camera, the lighting, the angle, and the audio, any romantic mood is long past. And when it’s finally all working, you sit there, gazing dazedly at one another, wondering what to say and how to recapture the moment.

The best this you can do it laugh. Release those tech-induced tensions and take delight in your ability to work through a frustrating experience together.

Here’s the webcam setup that I have had the best luck with:

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Ethernet cable (rather than wireless)
  • Skype video chat software (if the connection is unstable, stop the call and restart until you get a solid picture)
  • A better-than-bargain webcam ($50 and up)
  • A good headset with microphone (which will be better than the webcam’s built-in mic)

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Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

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How to Find Porn That Actually Turns You On

The secret is out: Women are as visual as men, and they like – and watch – pornography. That doesn’t mean they like the majority of the product the adult entertainment industry churns out, month after month, for the average male consumer. If you’ve always thought that porn didn’t do anything for you, it probably has more to do with the porn that’s easiest to find rather than porn itself.

Porn is such a matter of personal taste that it’s hard to make specific recommendations, but here are some of my favorite resources to get you started.

Reviewer Revue

Trust the experts to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Jane’s Guide
One of the oldest and best adult review sites can be found at http://janesguide.com. This team of expert reviewers has a lot of experience, as well as a decade of archives, to help you find what you want.

Good Vibrations
Not only does Good Vibes shoot its own videos, it rates all kinds of video according to a number of important categories: chemistry, plot, production value, natural bodies, good for couples, etc. You can find the ratings on the websites (www.goodvibes.com) and in the catalog.

MoSex Index
The “taste index” from the Museum of Sex (http://mosexindex.com) takes the collective wisdom of a social network to produce recommendations for each other.
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn
Violet Blue’s book is one of the first to take women’s porn interest seriously. Written for the absolute beginner, it’s also a useful handbook for those who have experimented quite a bit with porn but haven’t found much to satisfy them.

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Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

How to Build A Sex Tech Collection Your Friends Will Envy

When shopping for toys, it’s always good to talk with a staffer at a sex-positive boutique that has an extensive education program, as they can help guide you to products that fit your preferences.
If you’re already pretty sure that you’ve got everything you need and are now cruising for something you want, here are some of the items that have captured my interest in the past few years.

  • Best Oral Sex Simulator


Je Joue

  • Best Totally Silent Cybersex Chair


Monkey Rocker

  • Best Introductory Couples Toy


Vibrating Cock Ring

  • Best Accessory That Doubles As a Reading Pillow


Liberator Wedge

  • Best Dildos for the Living Room Display Shelf


Atraw Ceramics

  • Best Everyday Workhorse



  • Best Shower-Friendly Toy


Elemental Pleasures

  • Best Economy Model Vibe That Still Looks Lovely


Natural Contours

  • Best Toy That Doubles As a Hat Rack


The Fantasy Glide

  • Best Blowjob Accessory


Nexus Glide

  • Best Quickie


Hitachi Magic Wand w/G Spot attachment

  • Best Way to Surprise the Person Emptying the Dishwasher


NJoy Stainless Steel Butt Plug

  • Best Toy That Hides in Plain Sight


I Rub My Duckie

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Sexier Sex

by Regina Lynn

How to Justify the Expense of Luxury Sex Toys and Why

In the past couple of years, high-end sex toys have taken the adult novelty market by storm. With expensive materials, quality manufacturing, and beautiful aesthetics in both design and packaging, these swanky products put the $20 plastic battery vibes to shame.

You wouldn’t skimp on a washing machine or a blender, now would you? Or how about that flat panel TV?

If you’re still not sure, consider this:

  • Orgasms relieve stress, increase circulation, improve your skin, and make you feel closer to your lover.
  • High end sex toys last longer and feel better then their cheaper cousins.
  • A toy that is beautiful inspires you to use it, and doesn’t break the mood when you bring it into partner play.
  • Giving your body pleasure teaches you how to give and accept even more pleasure with a lover.
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    Sexier Sex

    by Regina Lynn